New civil procedure codices

Three new civil procedure codices have come into effect as of July 1 2016 as a result of recodification of civil procedural law: Act no. 160/2015 Coll Civil Dispute Code, Act no. 161/2015 Coll Civil Non-dispute Code and Act no. 162/2015 Coll Administrative Procedure Code, replacing Act no. 99/1963 Coll. Civil Procedure Code. Brand new legislation appears to be the most suitable solution considering the countless amendments of Civil Procedure Code, which caused its considerable disarrangement and disruption of its content and logical continuity of the text. The purpose of this legislation is mainly to improve the enforcement of rights and to ensure a swift and fair court proceeding, which is to be achieved mainly by means of new procedural institutes. The acts were created by Recodification committee for Civil Procedure Code, which was created by Minister of Justice in 2012. The committee consisted of experts from various branches of law – judges, advocates, distrainors and legal theoreticians.